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Do you crave instant fun and instant satisfactionc If so, Texas Scratchers are for you! Texas’s Scratcher Instant games are fun to play, and best of all, they give you a chance to win lots of cash instantly! Scratch-Off games offer top prizes ranging all the way up to more than million, with many other prize levels on each ticket, too. With the wide variety of games to choose from, you could play a different game every day!

Playing Texas Scratcher Games

Playing Texas Scratch off games is easy and fun! You simply read and follow play instructions on each ticket. To play scratch off games, you just scratch the latex covering on your ticket with a coin to see if you have won. Game instructions are printed on the face of each ticket. Each of the Scratch-Off games will vary in price, prize structure, play style, and play instructions. Prices of tickets range from to over and can result in winnings of more than million. With dozens of Scratcher game choices, you’ll never run out of Texas lottery fun.
What To Do When You Win

If you win a Texas Lottery Scratch-Off prize, you must claim your prize within 180 days of the end-of-game date. If your prize or prizes total less than 0, they can be redeemed instantly at any Lottery retailer. Tickets valued at 0 or greater must be accompanied by a Lottery claim form, available from Lottery retailers.

Where Does the Money Goc

The Texas Lottery supports education. Since the first ticket was sold in 1992, the Texas Lottery has generated over billions for the state of Texas. Since 1997, all Texas Lottery proceeds have gone to the Foundation School Fund to support public education in the Lonestar State. The Texas Lottery has contributed more than billion to the Foundation School Fund. So when you are playing the Texas Lottery, you’re not only having loads of fun, you’re also helping out a good cause.

Buy Texas Scratcher Tickets

If you want to play Texas Scratcher tickets, or any other Texas Lottery game, simply log onto your official state website. These sites explain how to purchase tickets, and often times tickets can be purchased online so you can play most state lotteries from the comfort of your own home. You can also refer to official state websites for custom lottery news. Many sites offer lottery number generators to help make your lottery number picking easier for you. If you would like to purchase your tickets in person, you can also visit a local lottery terminal. You can also log onto Lucky Lotto for all your lottery needs. This site offers the player the opportunity to play most state lotteries from the comfort of their own home. Make sure to visit LuckyLotto for all of your custom lottery news and check out our new LuckyLotto lucky lottery number generator! No matter how you choose to purchase your tickets, or which tickets you choose to buy, you’re bound to have some fun!

6 Comments on “Winning Lotto Ticket Texas

  1. Barry A

    lotto texas?
    Ihave been playing pick 3 any order for years, I have my stubs for the month of January & February.Yesterday my numbers hit! 882 day pick 3 for 2/27. when i went to redeem my ticket from the store where i purchased it he informed me that the wrong button was hit when he printed it, instead of any order which i always play he hit ext .I have been playing for years and never won. Isn’t there anything you can do ? i can show you all the pick 3’s i have bought this year with the any order on each slip. Ihope there is something you can do.i have spent alot of money over the years and due to a clerks error when i said 882 any order he pushed the wrong button. I talked to the store and they suggested i get in touch with you….it’s only 250.00 but i realyy need my rightful winning, you see i have lost my job and am currently looking for employment. Help .pleaase reply on way or another , i’ll fax you all the slip that say any along with a photo copy of the pick 3 i should have won. joy

    1. flieder77

      You need to contact the Lottery Commision in Austin asap. It sounds to me that the place you got your ticket may be crooked and needs to be looked at.

  2. bobotheking

    Can an ex convicted felon claim texas lotto winnings?
    If an ex con is no longer on parole and buys a texas lotto ticket, and wins, Will they be able to claim the winnings?

    1. hansdobson

      As long as the win is valid, you should have no problems collecting. Have more questions? Texas Lottery questions: 1-800-37LOTTO (1-800-375-6886)

  3. firstquality72

    Texas lottery questions?
    Hi folks,

    I am a beginner in how to play the Texas lottery. I already checked the website, but i still couldn’t find the answer for my questions. So, i really hope you folks can give me the answer. My question is simple, just take an example: Lotto Texas Winning Number: 1-4-6-28-37-38 and my ticket number: 28-1-6-4-38-37. Based on that, am i a winner, even my numbers are not in the same order with the winning numbers? Or even my number is exactly the same number as Lotto Texas Winning Number, but to be a winner the numbers order has to be exactly the same number as the winning number? Also, this rule applies to all kind of Texas lotteries, such as Megamillions, Texas two steps, etc? Thanks folk.

    1. golfballtx

      order doesn’t apply. there are not separate drawings for each number, which is what would be required if ordering were part of the formula

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