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Fantasy 5, Cash 5, Bonus Match 5 Winning Strategies

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November 28, 2010

How to Win Match 5

You Deserve a Win

They come in different names, shapes and sizes. You could call it, Bonus Match 5, Fantasy 5, Take 5, Cash 5, Rolling Cash 5 or any other name. It all depends on the state you live in.

One thing they all have in common is the good payout. A lot of people tend to forget the five number games. There is more concentration on Powerball, Mega millions, Euro Millions, Lotto Max and not adequate for the Match 5.

Let us take a look on the five number games. In our dictionary, they are rather ten number games. We are not trying to turn things’ upside down by any means. Most people looking at numbers 1 and 25 in the Fantasy 5 games sees two numbers. We see four. The number 1 is number 01 in our calculations. We are not going to elaborate more on that.

Let us look at different states and winning the five numbers lottery. In some states, you could be looking at six numbers. We use the term six loosely here. That is what a lot of our readers are accustomed to. We will concentrate more on the calculations henceforth. The end game is what matters to a lot of people.

Bonus Match 5. Maryland lottery calls it Bonus Match 5.

The numbers are typically 1 through 39. In Maryland Lottery Bonus Match 5 you are expected to pick  numbers 1 through 39 and hunt for the Bonus numbers in one through 34. What matters; here is getting the numbers to go after the top ticket. It is not what it is called. You of course start from the best odds and work your way up. The odds of winning the Bonus Match 5 is 1:575, 757.

New York Lottery calls theirs Take 5.

A lot of states are going to play their own within numbers 1 through 39. This means that the typical odds are like that of Maryland Lottery Bonus Match 5.

Virginia Lottery Cash 5 is among the states with the best odds.

Virginia Lottery Cash 5 is numbers 1 through 34. The odds of winning Virginia Lottery Cash 5 is 1:278, 256. For those playing Virginia Lotteries Cash 5 that is very impressive. You are in luck. You can even wager with 25c. It would be nice if all of us can move to Virginia. Take advantage of it.

California Lottery Fantasy 5.

What is important to note here is that California Lottery Fantasy 5 applies Pari-mutuel.  This could potentially mean more money in your pocket.

Texas Cash Five game is numbers 1 through 37.

The odds are 1:435,897. The payout is directly related to the odds.

Ohio Rolling Cash 5 falls within numbers 1 through 39.

The odds of course are 1:575, 757. You have few states that might be slightly different.

Pennsylvania Lottery Cash 5 is numbers 1 through 43.

The odds are 1:962, 598. What matters; here is the payout. How do you get to win the most?

We are mentioning these differences because we don’t do the Bonus Match 5 and Fantasy 5 very often. The calculations will be slightly different on each one based on the odds.

What is common is that some numbers move together regardless of the state. The upcoming book will show you five different ways of arriving at the numbers for individual states based on given factors.

The Fantasy 5, New York Take 5, Bonus Match 5 and Cash 5 are fast moving games. By that we mean somebody is playing Match 5 everyday. You take the numbers that move in tandem and set trap for the top prize.

If 34 drops followed by 39 what you need to set the trap will be 38 (34-39-38).

If 19 drops followed by 21 what you need to set the trap will be 03

If 17 drops followed by 04 what you need to set the trap will be 32

If 2 drops followed by 25 what you need to set the trap will be 10

If 10 drops followed by 18 what you need to set the trap will be 22

If 31 drops followed by 10 what you need to set the trap will be 9

If 12 drops followed by 10 what you need to set the trap will be 33

If 19 drops followed by 15 what you need to set the trap will be 2

If 4 drops followed by 37 what you need to set the trap will be 25

If 14 drops followed by 23 what you need to set the trap will be 23


This article cannot possibly cover all Take 5, Fantasy5, Bonus Match 5 and the rest.

What you can do is watch for those and use them in setting the trap. You can use numbers that move in tandem as your starting point. Numbers like 7, 11 and 14 while the ones above will be to sweeten the pot.

The greatest factor in so many losing is not being patient.

We are confident of our calculations that we put those in public views. We are the best in the industry. You have over 30 years behind these calculations. You cannot find a better system than Lottery Sun!!

If you set the trap and wait, they will run into you.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint.


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  1. jaxisz

    Can someone suggest books/other resources on lotto winning strategies?

    1. Trisha M

      Lotto is a game of chance. You can at the most make an educated guess of the outcome.

  2. regina

    is there a secret or strategy to winning at lotto?
    Is it easier to win a big cash prize with powerball, cash 5, or scratch off instant win tickets? Is there any type of proven strategy to make winning easier?

  3. vikas

    Do you believe that there could be a strategy to win lotto jackpot?? Do u use any strategy?
    I know about lotto blackbook, so guys pls dont mention that & am not asking about softwares available on internet..!! Your personal strategy if any???

    1. Quincy Block

      Lotto is gambling. in gambling luck is what you need, chances of winning must be in you. there are no given strategies in winning jackpots in lotto. if there is such thing, every lotto player must be a millionaire. 🙂

  4. The1andOnly

    What lotto scratchers have the best odds of winning.?
    Does anybody know any strategies so I win more often?

    1. bcptm

      ~Yes, there are. I hit a small one (low 4 figures) at least once a month. Do you really think I’d share the secret. Get real.

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