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  1. Kimberly Y

    what are the winning lottery numbers for Texas lotto on Tuesday?


    The Texas Lottery’s Foundational School Project, is that for real?

  3. top2005gunlevi

    want to know what was the texas lottery number from the week of july 13th,06-july17th,06?
    I was in Dallas,Tx from July 13th,06- July 17th,06 and I played mega lottery and now that I am in Ok, I want to find the results (numbers), please send the result back to my e-mail, also I want to know what’s the jackpot.

  4. funguyy

    doesn’t matter location as long as the mega ball number matches. match1 number plus mega ball number matching. so i would say no. you can take it to the store and they will check it for you just to be sure.

  5. John W

    The PowerBall annuity is over 29 years (30 payments) while the Mega Millions is over 25 years (26 payments) hence the cash equivalent of the Mega Millions is higher. Of course if anyone did the math, took into account taxes and the fact that 1/26th or 1/30th of the Jackpot is already enough to change their lives significantly, they would never choose the cash value option. The annuity is effectively a tax deferred investment instrument at a modest 5% interest rate but it’s tax deferred, good luck trying to get millions into a tax sheltered investment at interest rates higher than 0% or trying to outperform 5% tax deferred without any tax sheltering.

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