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Is Playing the Same Number in the Lottery a Good Idea Or Just a Waste of Money?

Author: Gareth P

If you are regular Lottery player you may wonder if you should play the same numbers or select different ones every time.

Same number selection.

I would say it all depends on what you want out of the lottery. If you want to win the “big one” then I would suggest sticking with the same numbers and just hope that all your selected numbers are drawn at some point in your lifetime. Hopefully at some point in your life that you can enjoy it. It does happen, and as they say “You have to be in it to win it.”

If this method is used I think it is very beneficial to select more than one line to increase your chances of winning.

Different number selection.

If you just want the chance of winning the “big one” but think that the odd small prize is just as rewarding, you will most definitely win more regularly using different numbers but lessen the chance of the “big one” as your numbers change every draw.

Then there is the dreaded thought of your previous numbers coming up next week! To think about it, it is quite a difficult decision to play the same or different numbers every week.

Bit of both.

I personally think that doing a mixture is the best method. I play two lines with the same numbers, a lucky dip, Pick three hot picks, and play in a E-lottery syndicate. I find this way I have many increased chances of winning a prize. It seams to work as there are many occasions I win a prize, be it a small prize.

So, Is Playing the Same Number in the Lottery a Good Idea Or Just a Waste of Money?

I have to say if you want to win the “big one” it is a great idea. But if you want to win little and often then it could be a waste of money and lucky dips may be the way to go. Is Playing the Same Number in the Lottery a Good Idea Or Just a Waste of Money?

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7 Comments on “Supper Lotto Numbers

  1. Jonny Bobby

    What are tonight’s super lotto numbers?
    I have a supper lotto ticket for tonight the 22nd, but cant seem to find the winning numbers. Can you help?


  2. pureamericanmetal178

    Do my numbers have to be in a row?
    Im new to the ca supper lotto, when they announce the winning Numbers do they have to match exactly, for example if the winning numbers are 12345,and 6 could i win with my numbers 21534 and 6?

    1. Melkam Dirset

      Yes, you’ll win. The order doesn’t matter in CA SuperLotto Plus. But, the Mega Ball is separate as you have correctly exemplified it.

  3. Annie

    supper Lotto/ mega million quetions for those of you who have won (more than $100)?
    did you switch your numbers around or did you play the same numbers repeatedly. how much do you spend on the lotto per week?

    1. peekassoh

      I used to play the same numbers every draw until I stopped to really think about the odds of winning. I decided to invest the money instead of playing the Lotto. Been ahead ever since.
      A dear old friend won $2 million so I guess people do win but I still don’t like the odds.

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