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Free California Super Lotto Plus Strategy Tips

Author: Matthew Donaldson

In this day and age, a lot of people have already taking their chances with lottery games. As a matter of fact, you are certainly one of them whether you admit it or not. There is actually nothing wrong about it because you are not hurting anyone. Your only goal in playing a lottery game is to win a prize and have some consistent profits. In point of fact, there are already plenty of lottery games which are in existence in these modern times especially in California. One of these lottery games is actually known as the California Super Lotto Plus.

You can see lots of lottery games in various states. Thus, no matter where you are, you can be sure that you can have your chance of a lifetime of being an instant millionaire by simply playing a lottery game. You just have to be aware first on how you can play in a lottery game. The following is the California Super Lotto Plus mechanics which you should be aware of in order to start playing the wonderful game of Super Lotto Plus:

-You have to be on a legal age for you to join the Super Lotto Plus. An identification card is needed for the purpose of verifying your age.

-Buy California Super Lotto Plus tickets at any lottery retailers in California. There are in fact thousands of lottery ticket retailers available in the California today.

-Choose your five playing numbers from one to forty-seven. Aside from that, you also have to select a set of numbers as your mega number from one to twenty-seven only.

-Check if you have won. The lotto draws is scheduled everyday at eight in the evening. You can also check for the drawn numbers through the worldwide web or visit again the lottery retailer where you have bought your lottery ticket.

The aforementioned California Super Lotto Plus mechanics are truly simple. Hence, there is no reason for you not to learn the basics as well as the real nature of such lottery game. Now, your next concern is on how you can win in a super lotto game. This may be a daunting matter but there is still nothing to worry about for the following are some of the most outstanding strategy tips which you can consider in order to ensure winnings in the realm of lottery games:

-Carefully choose your personal playing numbers. You have to make sure to choose a well-balanced set of numbers to have greater chances of winnings.

-Utilize lottery software in choosing your numbers. You can actually find lots of lottery software in the worldwide web. Such software can help you end up with the possible winning number combinations for the lottery schedule draws to come.

-Use a wheeling system. This is actually the most preferable way on how to arrive at a set of playing numbers. This is due to that fact that a wheeling system can help you come up with a possible winning number combination from a range of numbers up to forty-seven.

Indeed, winning in a California Super Lotto Plus may be just a piece of cake with the help of the strategy tips mentioned above. You simply have to make sure to bear all those tips into mind in order to have steady profits as well as to bring home the largest prize possible. After all, a certified strategy is what you only need to gain more money in the world of lottery games and bring home the bacon.

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9 Comments on “Super Lotto Winning Number

  1. david p

    what are the winning number from the ca super lotto from sept 5 2009?

  2. mrfrudd2006

    How To Calculate Winning Odds In CA Super Lotto Plus?
    There are 47 possible numbers that can be chosen in a correct series of 5 drawn numbers plus one Mega number. How could a calculation or formula be applied to estimate these? With 47 possible numbers the combinations must be massive, but is there a way to check exactly how many 5 number combinations are possible using the 47 numbers?

    Also, I would imagine that in order to calculate the odds, all the winning number series would have to be known, right or not? I would assume that it would be similar in poker, how many times a royal flush or 4 of a kind would turn up predictively

    Any math whiz care to offer a formula to the problem?

    1. Nature Nate

      Assuming that two numbers can’t repeat, then your probability for getting just the first one correct would be 1/47, just the second one 1/46, the third 1/45, the fourth 1/44, and the fifth 1/43. To find the probability of getting all of them right can be found by multiplying them together: 1/(47*46*45*44*43)

      The formula can be written using factorials. With x possible numbers and n numbers drawn, you can say that the probability of winning is p = (x-n)! / x! You do not need to know what the winning numbers series is. A similar formula will also work with poker, though it is rather difficult to calculate in your head.

      So your chances of winning are 1/184,072,680
      These are obivously not very good odds, and you are actually more likely to die in a car accident on the way to the store to buy a lottery ticket than actually winning it.

  3. Devious

    if i only have the mega number on the super lotto ticket, did i win money?
    or did i win a lottery ticket? did i win anything?

    1. JackAce

      Looks like you win $2.

      Go to the store where you bought the ticket and have them check it for you to be sure.

  4. M E

    I had three winning lotto numbers in the CA super Lotto. When i went to collect the register said $14.00 the?
    When I went to collect, the guy asked me if I had a winning lotto (he has a machine for that) I saw $14.00 on the register and then he gave me $7.00. I feel he was cheating or doing something wrong. How much is three numbers normally? I did not have a mega number.

  5. Sally

    what happens if u win the mega on a super lotto plus and a number?
    my friend won the mega and a another number and so what does she win??

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