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Winning the Powerball Lottery

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Most of us dreamed of being instant millionaires. Well there are so many people around the world whose life was changed by winning the lottery, specifically the power ball lottery. Though winning the power ball lottery is not easy and it depends more on luck and fortune, there are some strategies that will help you win the Powerball Lottery jackpot.

Facts about Powerball Lottery

One of the largest lotteries in the world is the Powerball Lottery, especially in United States. Oregon, Kentucky, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Colorado and many more to mention participate in this game.
The game is easy to play. You just need to match 5 winning combination out of 59 balls. All over the world, Powerball Lottery is a game enjoyed by most of the people. You may have heard about stories of those who have won high amount of cash and some who are not yet destined to win the game but just can’t stop playing it.

Luck is your ultimate tool to hit the jackpot, particularly in Powerball Lottery. But never lose hope because you can still win the power ball lottery jackpot by taking notes and study the game patterns. 

Powerball Wizard

You can also try the benefits of utilizing the number generator software which is commonly known as the Powerball Wizard.

This software can be easily found online. It can be used as a form of database that has all the past winning results of the Powerball Lottery. With past winning combinations, the database will help you to analyse data and provide you with a possible combination that will most likely win the game.

You can also look for number of patterns that you feel will be the winning combination. Plenty individuals choose their winning Powerball Lottery combination by picking those containing their lucky numbers. Though there’s no guarantee that your chosen number will win, it actually helps a lot in letting you choose the possible winning combination through its suggestions.

Tips to Win Power ball Lottery

You should not always depend on the suggestions presented by the Power ball Lottery Wizard. Like what was mentioned before, winning a lottery is based on your fortune. Just have fun choosing your number from the Wizard.

When playing Powerball Lottery or any type of lottery, always think of it as a form of entertainment. Also, to avoid disappointment or regrets, risk only a specific amount of money that you are willing to spend. Patience and luck are the only Powerball lottery winning tips that work in reality.

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9 Comments on “Super Lotto Plus Numbers

  1. CadiLLAc RiCk

    can someone post the Super Lotto Plus winning numbers for March 12 2008 CA?
    thanks Im looking into winning big. What are the quick pick numbers or all. thanks.

    GOod luck to all

    1. Michele in CT

      Hey Caddy Rick!

      You can get any and all lotto numbers for the whole year by doing a Dogpile or Google search with “CA Lotto”. I do it all the time for CT because the tickets mount up and we just search them all at one sitting!


      Good luck to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(we might be calling you Ferrari RICH!)

  2. tigercool37

    The numbers in super lotto plus?
    When you see the winning numbers, does your slip have to have the numbers in that order to win. I had some numbers that were the winning numbers but not in the same order.

  3. life

    california super lotto plus numbers? date Dec 02 06. what are the 5 numbers plus the mega #.?

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