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  1. I-love-my-son!!

    I bought a super lotto plus ticket.If no one wins the money.Can I use the same ticket for the next drawing?
    It is a california super lotto plus ticket.

    1. Izzy A

      noit will have the date on it

      and if it doesn’t have the date on it when they scan it they will know that it is for an old lotto draw

  2. Nickia

    California Super Lotto Plus?
    if you’re playing the lotto and you’re checking your numbers): do they all have to be in teh same row to win or can you have them anywhere on the ticket? (super lotto plus in california)
    like if you have 3-4 of the numbers do you win anything?

    1. jezbnme

      the numbers all have to be on the same line. each line represents a different game play. 1 line per dollar.

      if you have 3-4 numbers on one line then yes you are a winner of 10.00

  3. Mac L

    How do I play the california lottery?
    What do I say when I walk into a store if I want to buy a mega millions, SuperLOTTO Plus, Fantasy 5, Daily 4, or Daily 3 lottery ticket. I don’t want to fill out a slip, i just want to purchase a ticket.

    1. pdq

      Walk up to the cashier that’s nearest to the lottery machine and say, “I’d like a quick-pick for the XXXXX”.

      Fill in the “XXXXX” with the word “Super Lotto Plus”, or “Fantasy 5”, or whatever other lottery you want to play.

      The person will have the lottery machine generate a random number for you to play.

      That’s your answer, but here is what you REALLY need to know:

      Do you realize that the lottery companies only pay out around FIFTY PERCENT of what they should pay. Let’s say you get the number “8-8-8” as a Pick-3 number. You have a 1 out of 1,000 chance of winning. If you play the ticket for $1, you SHOULD win $1,000. But you don’t!!! In fact, you only win around $500!

      At a 50% payout, this makes playing lottery tickets the WORST bet anyone can possibly make.

  4. Joseph

    question about super lotto plus?
    i bought a super lotto ticket for the first time a few days ago, i checked the winning numbers but i didint match any, but i did match the mega number. so did i win anything? im from california btw.

  5. tigercool37

    The numbers in super lotto plus?
    When you see the winning numbers, does your slip have to have the numbers in that order to win. I had some numbers that were the winning numbers but not in the same order.

  6. Carl K

    How do I win the California Super Lotto plus jackpot? What are the winning numbers?

    1. Thinker

      It would be easier for you to predict a precise time and place in your area where lightning will strike. Take the money you were going to use to buy lottery tickets and place a bet with someone that you can forecast lightning accurately. The probabilities are about the same, the outcome is the same (you lose your money) and it would probably be more fun, too.

      Lotteries are intended to take money from people who cannot afford to lose it. Sorry, but it’s true.

      Best of success to you.

  7. cfishot

    What is the probability of getting the jackpot on Mega Million Lottery and Super Lotto Plus?
    I’m interested in the method one uses in finding the probability of hitting the jackpot for these two california lotteries. Help? (Can you show how to do it too? I already know the answers they’re online =]) 1/175,711,536 for mega and 1/41,416,353 for super lottery =]

    1. ZCT

      Are you asking the odds of winning both lotteries? If so you’d have to specify during which time frame. Are you talking about in the same draw? During a life time? Given one draw for each? There’s a lot of variables.

      But it’s pretty much pointless to calculate. The odds of winning just one of them is pretty slim (that being a massive understatement). The odds of winning two, even over a ten year period are minuscule. It’s such an unlikely possibility, it’s hardly worth doing the math to find out just how unlikely.

  8. george c

    how are the odds of a super lotto calculated exactly, e.g. California Super Lotto or MEGA Milliions?
    Super Lotto: 5 numbers from 1 to 47 plus Mega number from 1 to 27.
    MEGA Millions: 5 numbers from 1 to 56 plus Mega number from 1 to 46.

  9. Sharon G

    What were the winning “Super Lotto California Plus” numbers last night?
    How can I find out what they were?

    1. The Psycho

      6, 20, 27, 37, 43, Mega Ball is 22.

      Go to the link below for complete information.

  10. Luis C

    How do i play Super Lotto Plus in California?
    So i bought some tickets and some numbers, but i dont know what to do, can someone help me understand the game. this is the first time i’ve bought tickets.

  11. 2nd Commander

    How do you play the Lotto? California one as well?
    i never played the lotto. so how do i play? i think i’ll go and ask for a quick pick. i guess it means random numbers.

    but how do i check if i won online? i don’t want to get jacked if i won the jack pot. like yeah. so there is this california lottoo too i’m a newbie so, some tips and advice would be cool. i’m hoping to win and buy nice cars. lol

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