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  1. Estela L

    if u get 3 out of 4 numbers in the play 4 do u still get money?
    i want to play the play 4 lotto..and i heard if u get 3 out of 4 numbers u might still win money but dont know if is true?

    1. John W

      Depends on the game. With the PCH lotto, then no you win nothing but with most draw lotteries you’ll get a small prize but it will be very small in comparison to the jackpot. The large jackpot sells tickets but no one pays attention to the smaller prizes so they tend to be perfunctory at best. About a week ago, I had a 4 out of 5 match on Mega Millions and the prize was $150, a fair bit shy of the millions of the jackpot. The best lotteries for the smaller prizes are actually the scratchoff tickets, while only 35 cents on the dollar goes back to the players with the big jackpot games, about 70 cents on the dollar goes back to the players with the scratchoff games which makes them a better option then even the Pick 3 where about 50 cents on the dollar goes back to the players. Of course, this actually all pales in comparison to Casinos where it’s not unusual to have more than 90 cents on the dollar go back to the players. Even a Vegas slot machine gives a better return than a state lottery, plus you get free drinks.

  2. Ethel A

    Why don,t the little guy win?I been buying for the last 15 years.I never won anything .?
    I lived in phila.now I live in nj. and the junk mail still comes from pch. But know money.

    1. kipdawneast

      no one wins at gambling only the owners win and the money collectors. the big lotto’s are a set up . they do have to let the odd person win sometime so no one will catch on to their game but it’s a good span before the next million dollar winner,such as 15 to 25 years.good luck.I’ll spend my money on reality items.

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