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What are the most frequent UK lottery numbers drawn

Author: Paul Robinson

How do you make your selection?

How do you choose your UK lottery numbers? Do you have a set selection of numbers that you play each week? Do you opt for a quick pick or lucky dip instead?

Many times have we heard stories of a punter winning a fortune on his very first lottery ticket while other players go for years without even a small win! Where is the fairness in this? Where is the logic?

What lottery numbers to choose?

The truth, no matter what certain people would have you believe, is that winning on the lottery is completely and absolutely random. There are certain techniques that one can use to reduce the odds slightly, such as wheeling, but the vast majority of the time it is a total random selection of numbers that comprise the winning line.

So how can we work things in our favour to try and skew the odds in our favour – is it possible?

Analysing most popular numbers

Many people factor in the most popularly drawn numbers to their number selection strategies, based on the assumption that the most commonly drawn numbers in the past should come up again in the future.

There is a similar strategy involved in selecting the least drawn or most overdue numbers. So in other words, the numbers that are most likely to come up in the future are ones that have not come up recently or that are not often drawn.

Most often drawn UK lottery numbers

These are the most often selected UK Lottery winning numbers, not including the bonus ball, as of June 2010:

Number 38: 214 times

Number 23: 211 times

Number 11: 207 times

Number 44: 205 times

Number 31: 203 times

Number 43: 202 times

Least often drawn UK lottery numbers

These are the least often drawn UK lottery winning numbers, not including the bonus ball, as of June 2010:

Number 20: 150 times

Number 41: 153 times

Number 21: 162 times

Number 13: 162 times

Number 16: 164 times

Number 15: 167 times

Will using these numbers work?

There is no guarantee that any specific lottery system or technique works. At the very worst you are engaging in superstition for no constructive purpose. At the very best, you are possibly reducing your odds to a certain extent.

There is only one guarantee – you can never win the lottery if you don’t have a ticket.  You have to be in it to win it, as the old clichA© goes.

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4 Comments on “Most Frequent Winning Lotto Numbers

  1. blbarwegen

    what are the most frequesnt winning lotto numbers?
    what numbers are the most frequent lotto numbers in all

  2. aberdeenlad

    Irish Lotto Frequent Numbers?
    In williamill bookmakers they do the irish lotto for £1 and you pick 6 numbers. But instead of being 49 numbers its 45. The prize amounts offered are also better with 3 balls at £13 however 6 balls is 1 million. The 6 balls is less than the lottery but 1 million is still good and also if u win the lottery and 6 other people also win it, i guess u might end up with also 1 million aswell. Anyway does anybody know where u can get a list of numbers that most frequently come out? I know the uk lottery does this on there site but i cant find anything for the irish 1. P.S Hills also do the 49s with also a better prize amounts with 3 balls out of 6 being £15, but i guess id rather do the 45 balls irish lotto instead.

    1. uplate

      i’m definately gonna do the lotto with the bookies too….much better odds…my friend has won big money 3 times in the last year!!…Anyhoo the frequency of the numbers coming up doesn’t matter diddly squat…all the numbers have an equal chance of coming up each time as far as betting is concerned….its not like the geegee’s form doesn’t matter!!!

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