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Ready to Win the Mega Millions? We Will Show You How Today!

Author: Matthew Donaldson

Before getting ready to win the mega millions, there is a need to understand how to play it and how it works. First of all, there is a need to fill out the playslips. The playslips are available both from the nearby retailer and even online. It costs a dollar for every combination the player desires. A player should choose five numbers between one and fifty-six. There is also a need to choose a number between one and forty-six for the gold mega ball. A player can resort to choosing the quick pick method wherein the computer will be the one to select the number combinations. However, most would know that random selection seldom lead to winning numbers.

People are of course free to randomly choose their numbers for mega millions and opt for the quick pick but chances are most would rather that they have their own choice when it comes to combinations especially when people know what is at stake.

Even if a payslip for mega millions cost just a dollar, it would mount up to a big sum of money which means it could be plainly a waste of one’s time but if a person can play with specific strategies that would make winning more probable, then the money spent on payslips would never be wasted. As mentioned, the first step on winning is by selecting your own combinations. A big percentage of players depend on quick pick which leaves a smaller percent that choose their own combinations. That is of course a great advantage. When choosing a lottery number selection, it is important to see what the most winning lottery numbers that has the best chance of being drawn. This simply means that there is a need to study the past winning combinations to have an idea of what it may be in the future. It is not to say that the winning combinations are set. They are still randomly drawn but it does not mean that there are no patterns that can be derived from the many winning combinations in the past. Interpreting those patterns is what makes the future combinations more predictable in the next draws.

Instead of mega millions lottery being a mere guessing game, it is better to depend on proven tactics that make people’s combinations one step closer to hitting the jackpot. A simple way of explaining this is by thinking about the combinations that never won. For instance, six consecutive numbers in a playslip have never been drawn in mega millions lottery. If it never happened before, why should it happen now?

A lot of players also have the tendency to trust their lucky numbers. They play the same numbers every time they fill in their playslips. Sometimes, people cannot get lucky by just feeling lucky. A six-number combination actually has a chance of winning once every 433,245 years so there is no point in using the same combination every time a player buys a playslip. Others keep on saying that playing mega millions is just for fun but why would anyone waste their money if they could double the fun by actually winning. Having a more systematic way and trusting proven tips could lead to consistent profits in joining games as such.

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10 Comments on “Mega Millions

  1. Nick C

    Mega Millions?
    ok, so i was playing Mega Millions and my ticket got three of the five numbers. Did I win anything?

  2. The703G

    mega millions?
    I was listening to the radio at work and i heard the mega millions lottery is up to more than 200 million. I have done those scratch offs but never the mega millions and figured I would give it a shot, but I have no idea how to play… I live in Virginia any information would be greatly appreciated

    1. LOLA

      well you can just go in and ask for x amount of lines for the mega millions! its 1 dollar a line, and that is just for the easy pick where they pick ur numbers for u! if you want to pick ur own numbers you have to fill in the numbers on the sheet, 5 numbers and a powerball! i just use easy pick when i play! and usually play 5 dollars so i just ask for 5 lines on the mega millions!!! good luck! you cant win if you dont play, and someone will always win!!!!

  3. Person

    How high does the Mega Millions jackpot have to be before it becomes statistically profitable to buy a ticket?
    The odds of winning the mega millions jackpot are 1 in 176 million and tickets are one dollar, so how high would the advertised jackpot have to be to get more than $176,000,000 via the cash option and after taxes (assuming 6% state income tax and not sharing the jackpot with someone else?).

    I know they automatically withold 29% or something for federal taxes, but I hear it never ends up being enough and you have to pay more.

    1. fah-q

      12 million…. the jackpot just hit and it is on a hot streak so it is likely to hit again…lotta chumps out there not willing to waste a dollar on a measly 12 million jackpot so now it is likely to only have 1 winner. now , if you should happen to match 3 numbers you are personally on a hot streak so if the mega millions is still under 20 million the next time play it again….my theorem is dead on and I challenge any mathematician to dis-prove it

  4. Tedrick

    What is the best lottery software to play with mega millions or powerball?
    The Mega Millions jackpot is over 200 Million. Can anyone please tell me what software I should use to help me win?

    1. Alan S

      The lottery numbers are selected randomly. What happened in the past has no bearing on the future. There is no way to predict in advance which numbered ping pong balls are going to be selected. If the makers of lottery software had something that worked, they would be using it to win hundreds of millions of dollars for themselves instead of selling it to others.

  5. New York Love

    What are my chances of winning The Mega Millions Lottery. How many states are included? ?
    I live in New York State and I know that my state isn’t the only one included in the Mega Millions. How many others? All 50? What are my chances of winning? Do I have a better chance if the jack pot is higher or lower? Tonight I believe it’s 134-million.

    1. Tampico

      The following 12 states CA · GA · IL · MD · MA · MI · NJ · NY · OH · TX · VA · WA have Mega Millions.

      odds of hitting the jackpot 1 in 175,711,536
      Odds of hitting second place 1 in 3,904,701

      Someone hit the jackpot last night. So, miracles do happen.

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