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How to Play the Mega Millions Lottery

Author: Abigail Adams

You have two chances to win a Mega Millions drawing every week. The Mega Millions drawing is held every Tuesday and Friday night 10:12 p.m. Central Time. You can watch televised drawings on a variety of local television stations, or you can check on your official state lottery website. Some state lottery websites broadcast streaming video of the drawings live, and you can watch them on the internet as long as you have the correct viewing software installed on your computer. You can also visit the official Mega Millions lottery website to see the latest drawings and winning numbers.

Winning the Mega Millions Lottery

Each time there is a Mega Millions drawing, the lottery commission decides whether or not a winning ticket has been sold. If at least one winning ticket has been sold, then the Mega Millions jackpot returns to its base number, which is twelve million dollars. If no Mega Millions jackpot winning ticket was sold, then the jackpot rolls over into the next drawing. This allows the jackpot to grow to extraordinary amounts, making Mega Millions one of the most lucrative lottery games in the country. However, the odds of winning a Mega Millions drawing are still very slim. It may seem virtually impossible to match all six winning Mega Millions lottery numbers, but you can also win prizes for matching five Mega Millions lotto numbers or less. Thus, you have a pretty good chance at winning at least a small prize. Also, every time you pick the correct Mega Ball lotto number, you win something.

Mega Millions Lottery Tickets

You can purchase a Mega Millions lottery ticket in several different states. However, the Mega Millions winning numbers are always the same whether you are playing the Virginia Mega Millions, the Maryland Mega Millions or any other participating state. You also do not have to live in the state in which you purchase your Mega Millions ticket. For instance, if you live in New York, you can still purchase a Virginia Mega Millions ticket or a California Mega Millions ticket and win.

How to Buy Mega Millions Lottery Tickets

When the Mega Millions lottery jackpot is high lines at lottery terminals can be very long. If you want to avoid these long lines, simply log onto your official state website. These sites explain how to purchase tickets, and often times tickets can be purchased online so you can play most state lotteries from the comfort of your own home. You can also refer to official state websites for custom lottery news. Many sites offer lottery number generators to help make your lottery number picking easier for you. If you would like to purchase your tickets in person, you can also visit a local lottery terminal. You can also log onto Lucky Lotto for all your lottery needs. This site offers the player the opportunity to play most state lotteries from the comfort of their own home. Make sure to visit LuckyLotto for all of your custom lottery news and check out our new LuckyLotto lucky lottery number generator! No matter how you choose to purchase your tickets, or which tickets you choose to buy, you’re bound to have some fun!

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9 Comments on “Mega Millions Lotto

  1. jay L

    Is there any way to Win the Mega Millions Lotto?
    So many people try to win the lotto. I look online for programs and i see people selling their software that will show you how to win. Is this BS? Is there really anyway to win or is it just luck?

    1. Financial JUSTICE

      just pray and have faith, that’s all you can do when you gamble.

  2. Baldy Scaldy

    What would you do if you won the 212 Million Mega Millions Lotto jackpot?
    I would pay off all my bills, buy me about four new vehicles, build me and my wife a dream house, give all my brothers and sisters and mom and dad a big lump som (I’d spread about 10 million amongst close family), and give out some STIMULUS CHECKS of $10,000.00 to about 25 friends. I’d build some apartments for monthly rental income and buy some houses to rent out too. What would you do?

    1. Anonymous

      the ten % will go to church to help spread the good news of the LORD.
      10% will go to less fortunate brothers and sisters , 50% goes to business to creates jobs, 10 % to My friends !0% to my relativesand remaining ten% goes to my wife and children

  3. Kat N

    On what channel does Mega Millions lotto air in Statesboro, GA on Tues 11p?
    I’ve checked the news channels at that time w/no luck of seeing it, I always have to go online to read winning numbers. I’ve tried checking the site to see air times for zip code 30460 w/no luck.

  4. tinkerbell

    What is the difference between Super Lotto and Mega Millions lottery?
    I would like to know the definition of what the Super Lotto and Mega Millions lottery is.

  5. Ed

    what is difference between power ball lotto ticket and mega millions lotto ticket?

    1. JackAce

      That’s like asking what the difference is between the Oscars and the Golden Globes.

      They are two different games with separate jackpots.

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