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Playing the Mega Millions Lottery

Author: Jc Davis

Mega Millions is one of the most popular forms of gambling in the twelve states in which it is played, and this is probably because of the large payout possibilities. Though very few people actually ever win the jackpot, the odds of winning something are still pretty good, and the thrill of watching them pick the Mega Millions lottery result is one of the most thrilling things you can do with just one dollar.

A Mega Millions lottery ticket can come in two different forms. You can purchase the regular one dollar kind, or you can purchase a Megaply option ticket for a dollar more. With the Megaply, anything that you win other than the jackpot will be multiplied by two, three, or four times its normal amount. This means that if you match all five numbers without matching the Mega Ball number, you could still win one million dollars with a four time Megaply and a two hundred and fifty thousand dollar prize. For this reason, many lotto players like to spend the extra dollar on the game just in case.

If you have a Mega Millions lotto ticket and are looking for lottery results, you can check your local listings to see which television stations air the live Mega Millions drawing broadcast. The drawings take place on Tuesdays and Fridays at 10:12 at night. If you have access to the internet, you can also keep track of the latest lottery results and news by visiting the official Mega Millions game website.

Whether you win the jackpot or just the lowest dollar prize, or if you do not win anything at all, the Mega Millions lottery numbers game is a fun way to unload a few extra dollars. The excitement never stops, because you never know when the next ticket you purchase is going to be the big one.

Mega Millions is a multi state lottery taking place in 12 states from east to west. When this lottery was formed in 1993 only 6 states participated. Now there are 12 states where you can play Mega Millions. The money goes to fund various state services such as education, health care, and various state projects. This lottery uses strict security procedures for the player’s protection. Mega Millions offers the choice of cash in a lump sum of annual payouts. While the odds are great so is the prize.

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9 Comments on “Mega Millions Lotto Numbers

  1. Missy

    What are today’s Mega Millions Lotto numbers?
    $244 million prize or something like that… i didn’t know what channel, therefore I missed it and the website is not yet updated. Anyone have the numbers?
    I’ve never played before, by the way. My first lotto ticket.

  2. joeschmidt32

    what are the winning Ohio mega millions lotto numbers for next week?

  3. mark w

    lotto numbers# for mega millions?
    i need help picking lotto numbers 5 different numbers from 1-56 and one number from 1-46. 6 total numbers. do u think a fortune teller would work? i know of one near my area that people say she is really good and consistant with her fortune telling. if i win using your numbers i will give whomever it is 4 percent of what i won in the mega millions lotto. it may only sound like a little but 4 percent is a lot considering that the lotto prize is over 200 million thats almost ten million.

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