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  1. Moxie

    What are the winning numbers to this coming Saturdays Lotto 649 lottery in Canada?
    I know you are clever and I thank you for your answers.

    1. John W

      What, Wednesday’s draw for $7 million not good enough for you? What about Friday’s Lotto Max draw for $44 million. Remember it’s all tax free and one lump sum in Canada so that $44 million is probably the equivalent of a 70 million jackpot in the US and the Canadian dollar is high right now or rather the US dollar is low


      4 17 21 37 40 46
      9 26 33 34 42 43
      11 14 18 22 30 47
      7 15 16 19 32 49
      1 12 23 29 36 39

      The only reason why I’ve included five sets of numbers is because there is only one way to improve your chances and that’s by not buying the same numbers more than once for a given draw. If you did quickpicks, there would be an ever so slight possibility that two tickets would be the same hence not improving your odds at all. Even if it’s only a few numbers that are the same say three numbers then that would be fewer chances at the three number match prizes. So the only way to guarantee not buying the same number combinations more than once for the same draw would be to pick your own. You’ll note that in those five sets of numbers above, none share any number combinations for the smaller prizes so you would get the maximum number of chances your ten dollars could buy in the draw (note Canada’s 649 is a $2 ticket, Lotto Max is a $5 ticket). Of course there’s no way to guarantee not duplicating numbers in Lotto Max (you pick one set of seven numbers and the computer picks two more sets of numbers automatically in Lotto Max) or even in the Extra draw (Encore if you’re out east).

      Mathematically you shouldn’t buy any tickets at all so buying one quickpick would make more sense then buying the five listed above.

  2. nima_ayat_23

    in how many ways can you win the lotto 649?
    do you only win if you get numbers in straight line? i mean if you buy a 20$ lottery ticket , do you win if you get the numbers in other patterns such as diagonal or anything like that or you only win if you get 4,5 or 6 numbers in a straight line? nd why sometimes you cant find out why you won 20$ on a ticket that doesnt have any nuimbers??

    1. Blaise

      Only in a straight line across. Not sure about your second question. My thought might be you purchased a ticket with Encore and didn’t check that.

  3. Jessica

    Tips on playing lotto 649?
    hi just turned 18…and its going to be my first time buying a lottery ticket…and i was wondering when you pick numbers do you pick 12 numbers or 6 numbers? i am asking this because i when i saw my older sister buy one there were 12 numbers and a bonus but when they announce the winning numbers only six numbers come up so like im confused how this works… like do i get to pick 12 numbers or 6 numbers , and like what happens if i get 2 numbers on the first row of numbers and 4 numbers on the second row do i win?

    1. ㈙㈏㈀㈀㈋㈋㈭㈏㈀㈒ ㈙㈅㈃㈨!

      Yes, select the numbers you think will be the winning numbers….

      Good luck!

  4. michealscott86

    Is There a site where a person could download full draw hisories for anyall lotto 649 lotteries ?

    1. ZCT

      There is no point. Even the easiest lotteries you can play have millions of possible combinations. Powerball and Megamillions have more than 140,000,000 combinations.

      At best you are going to have a tiny sample. But all lotteries are completely random events. Any decent lottery makes a lot of effort to ensure that each draw is random. There is no such thing as hot and cold numbers. You are not going to be able to predict any future events based on this information. The time you spend analyzing this is a complete waste of time.

      If you could use math to win the lottery, it would be won by professors and math experts all the time.

  5. Sonia

    how do people win lottery is just luck?
    I’ve been trying to get the numbers right for years now and doesn’t seem to get lucky how do these people actually win it ..has anyone won lotto 649 with there own choosing # and how is it just that they’ve gotten lucky?

    1. lithiumdeuteride

      The only way you can increase your chances of winning is by buying more tickets. However, this is (on average) a losing strategy.

      You’re more likely to spend $30 million before you win $30 million from a lottery. That’s why lotteries are profitable for the people who run them. They give back less money than they take in. So, on average, people who play the lottery lose money, even when including the winners in the average.

      Mathematically speaking, you are better off not playing.

  6. Jimmy

    probability question for the experts?
    I play lotto 649. Basically its a lottery game where 6 balls are randomly drawn. There are 49 possible outcomes the numbers 1-49 but everytime you draw one ball out, it cannot be drawn again. I just want to know what is the probability of wining the jackpot by correctly guessing all 6 numbers by guessing 6 times? What about 7 times? Im a noob at statistics and I tried to draw the probability tree to find out but I failed. I hope someone can not only tell me, but show me as well. Thanks!

    1. M3

      ways of choosing 6 numbers from 49 = 49C6 = 13,983,816

      ways of choosing correct 6 numbers = 1

      so P[win jackpot] = 1 / 13,983,816

      if u guess 6 times, the probability is 6 / 13,983,816
      if u guess 7 times, the probability is 7 / 13,983,816

      in practical terms, the respective probabilities are around
      (i) 1 in 14 million
      (ii) 1 in 2.3 million
      (iii) 1 in 2 million

  7. SUPN OC

    how can you know what numbers to pick in lotto 649 like what numbers have the greater chance?
    can u please tell me how to pick my numbers

    1. Sam

      Each number, from 1-49, have an equal chance of being selected. However, the OLG does provide a record of the most frequent winning numbers, so check out the link in the sources area as this would probably be of interest to you.

  8. blackknight2099

    can you watch the live lotto 649 numbers being drawn?can it be rigged?
    im curious to know now i just turned 18 and are buying tickets here and there. but ive come up with a theory…what if lotto 649 is rigged =/ for instance what if they have a super data base that collects all the numbers that were played and the winning numbers were ones that no1 chose…and the only way the jackpot is won is if every combination is played or they let someone win for advertisment…now i know there are like 1×10^40 combinations and you have a better chance of being struck by lightning twice before winning…so they wouldnt really have to rig it but still… just want to here your takes on it

    1. Ryan J

      The system has been accused of this scene it was first presented. There has been fears and speculations about all kinds of lotteries. There however was one man whom had broken the complexions of one smaller lotto to be able to exactly figure out what numbers where going to be “RANDOMLY” generated. However this shows that in some way shape or form there is some set fixtures to the numbers and it is so random that even the people who might work to make the complex codes can not even bust the major lotto games. This is very true that the chances of winning the lotto are slim in none yet the people who usually buy the tickets think that the fee is nominal and that even the thought of being able to win is good enough to constantly buy the tickets. Yet another way to look at it is that if there was not any one to buy the tickets then the lotto would be utterly pointless there would be an extremely great chance of winning, yet the amount of money won would be minuscule. Your theory does have some great points to because the government greatly benefits from lotteries due to all of the taxes that they can rake in from the winners. “now i know there are like 1×10^40 combinations” and if that where true then there is no way that they could sell all of the numbers.

  9. Brian

    lotto 649 how do i know if i won ?
    so i got a ticket, how do i know if i win, do the numbers have to match in same row or collum or just any 5?
    ah thank you/
    same order in the row as shown or ?

  10. daniella

    In Canada, what time do they draw the winning lotto 649 numbers?
    My uncle has a ticket and we would really like to know because I have been searching the net for a while now and need an answer. PLEASE!!

  11. Maria A

    answer to this numbers lotto 649?… 07,22,24,30,38,46, and bonus 41?
    I would like to ask the winning combinations of the following lotto 649 numbers… Give me the winning combinations of the numbers… 07,22,24,30,38,46 and 41 bonus. Thanks!

    1. Geoff S

      Did you get the TAG? What would you like those to be? Give me 50% up front and I’ll make it happen for you 😉

  12. sunita s

    To play in the Super 7 lottery, you must choose 7 different numbers from 1 to 47. To play in the lotto 649 lot
    To play in the Super 7 lottery, you must choose 7 different numbers from 1 to 47. To play in the lotto 649 lottery, you must choose 6 different numbers from 1 to 49. To win each jackpot, the numbers chosen must match the numbers drawn by the lottery corporation.
    a)Without doing any calculations, which lottery do you think has more combinations of possible winning numbers? Explain.
    b) How many combinations of possible winning numbers does each lottery have?
    c) How many more combinations of possible winning numbers does one lottery have than the other?

    1. Sumudu F

      The first answer is slightly off.

      a) Super 7, because the range is almost the same but you choose 7 instead of 6.

      b) Here’s where the mistake was made. Since order doesn’t matter in your choices, you have to divide the products by 7! and 6! respectively. In other words, you want to compute (47 choose 7) and (49 choose 6), not (47 permute 7) and (49 permute 6).

      The actual numbers are 62891499 combinations for super 7, and 13983816 for lotto 649.

      c) Subtracting the two above, we get that super 7 has 48907683 more winning combinations than lotto 649.

  13. Tina Get The Axe!™

    How much money do you win with 4 numbers on lotto super 7?
    My mom called me, I live in L.A she lives in Canada but she called me just now from Canada and asked me how much money do you have with 4 numbers on the super 7? I know if it was on 649 it would kinda be a lot. So how much would it be?

  14. Tasha

    How does the lotto 649 with the extra work?
    Ok so I bought a ticket for lotto 649 with the extra last night for todays draw, just checked my numbers and I got the bonus number of 45 and the last 4 digits of the extra number. I’m trying to figure it out on the WCLC website but I dont know how to tell if I won something. It says the extra numbers have to be exact order from the right-hand side to win, they werent in the exact order but I got them:/ Someone help please! LOL

    1. pdq

      If the only thing on the 6/49 part you got right was the Bonus number “45”, then you’ve won nothing.

      You need 2 regular numbers PLUS the Bonus number just to win the smallest prize of $5. Also – you are correct in saying that the “Extra” needs to be in the exact order. So if the last 4 digits of the “Extra” number was 2548, and the last 4 of YOUR ticket was 4285, then you do NOT win the “Extra” bet.

      Bring it to a store to try to cash it in just to be sure, but I’m quite sure you’ve won nothing. (Typical, by the way! The lottery is the WORST bet you can possibly make.)

  15. john

    how do the extra numbers on the lotto 649 work?
    on the draw thing it says 2+bonus 5+bonus. how does this work?
    i have extra numbers that are just like 3518227 , i have two matching numbers, but i need 2+bonus to win. if the bonus number is 31 do i win? or do the numbers have to be side by side. they arent spaced.
    thanks very much

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