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A look at Gold Coast Hotels

Author: Vikram Kumar

Gold Coast North Queensland is one of the premier holiday destinations in Australia. It boasts of both natural glory and man made splendor. The area has something for every holidaymaker whether you are looking for a peaceful sojourn, a fun filled holiday at the beach or a happening nightlife; the area has it all. Add to this the world class gold coast hotels with their gamut of choices and you know that you are in a veritable holidaymaker’s paradise.


Of course it would be unfair to not mention the plethora of activities that people traveling to Gold Coast North Queensland can indulge in from enjoying an evening at the artsy cafes to a world class dining experience at the eclectic restaurants; from a spectacular day spent at the hinterland to the an afternoon spent lazing at the beach you name it and you will find it here. The numerous options available for tourists as far as the hotels are concerned in equally stunning.


Whatever your budget you will find gold coast hotels that will cater to your wallet and to your taste. You can take your pick from the numerous budget hotels that offer rooms at affordable rates. But if you want to holiday in style that you can go for the luxury of the resort spas or the newly built six star hotels that offer accommodations at eyebrow raising rates per night.


The best part is that whether you choose luxury or budget most gold coast hotels are beach front properties offering an astounding view of the sunset and the famed 57 km gold coast shoreline. Among the more popular luxury gold coast hotels are the Marriot, Holiday Inn and the Hilton. If your idea of a perfect holiday is lazing on the beach working on your Australian tan then you cannot possibly go wrong with the Gold Coast. Among the popular beaches of the area are Main Beach, Surfers Paradise, The Spit, Broad Beach and South Stradboke Island.


The coastal beauty of Gold Coast North Queensland that stretches from Beenleigh in Logan City to the Great Dividing Range which is a UNESCO Heritage site garners primary attention but there are innumerable other places of interest to visit.  Some of the popular tourist attractions of the region are the four theme parks; Movie World, Dream World, Sea World and Wet and Wild and wildlife parks like David Fleays and the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. There are several Gold Coast hotels only a short distance away from these popular tourist attractions


The area also boasts of some of the most diverse flora and fauna in the world. So a walk in the Lamington National Park or a leisurely stroll among the Antarctic Beach trees is all it will take to witness nature in all its glory.


For sport enthusiasts the area offers 40 championship golf courses, adventure sports like sailing, jet skiing, surfing etc and of course fishing. But if you would rather indulge yourself in the spectacular shopping experience of Gold Coast North Queensland than head over to Harbour Town, Marina Mirage, the Runaway Bay Shopping Center or the Pacific Fair. For those interested in buying indigenous arts and crafts the stores, farmer markets and galleries of the hinterland are just the places to be.


So as you can see, whatever your taste or budget you will be able to enjoy a memorable holiday in Gold Coast North Queensland.

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  1. akkasmycat

    A question to all Aussies about gold lotto results?
    Hey all, I am after the results for tonights gold lotto draw. I am unable to access the web site due to slow response time with the page. Can you help. Good luck to all those who have a lotto in.

  2. coco

    The website says they do it around 8:45 on channel 7 in QLD.
    im not sure if ive missed it or not cause theres just football on channel 7
    if they have anyone have the results??????


    1. pdq

      Gold Lotto For Saturday, 8/29/09:

      Winning Numbers 4, 23, 30, 35, 36, 43 Supps 15, 18.

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    gold lotto results?
    hi just wondering if anyone has the results for last nights (26/03/2008) results as goldencasket hasnt posted them on there yet. thanks
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  4. servant

    when i check the results for saturdays gold lotto i find there are 585 winners for division 1 and 2?
    for last 5 weeks. how is it possible to have so many winners? i have been taking lotto for quite a time and not able to get a good win . i have got division 5 prize one time but that doesnt count. what is that 585 people doing to get a win ? how they are incresing the probability ? it doesnt seems to be sheer luck …. comments

    1. cristanine

      I picked 2 out of 5 and got the power ball. It is all a game of chance with odds like 1:125 million. with those kind of odds, I say fuck the Lottery!

      For now on I will take my one dollar and put it in my own lottery bank and every time I want to gamble a dollar or two I’m going to put that in my lottery bank and in 20 years from now I will win some cash with my own money.

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