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How to Play the California Lottery and Using it’s Website

Author: Jc Davis

Playing the California Super Lotto Plus game can be a great thrill. The California Super Lotto jackpot can range anywhere from seven million up to the largest prize awarded from the game, which was 193 million dollars. Because the jackpot increases every time there is a drawing and one is declared the winner, the prize amounts can be astronomical.

It only costs one dollar to play this type of California lotto, so it is an affordable way to buy a little bit of fun and excitement. You merely go to a CA lotto retailer and ask for a Super Lotto Plus game card. Then you pick five numbers that each range anywhere from one to forty-seven. You must also pick a sixth number, known as the MEGA number. It must fall in the range of anywhere from one to twenty-six.

The only way to win the whole California Super Lotto jackpot is to match all six of the numbers drawn, including the Mega number. However, prizes are awarded for having some of the number correctly chosen. For instance, you can win several thousand dollars by simply having all five numbers correct without having the correct Mega ball. The prize for having four numbers and the Mega ball number is typically in the thousand dollar range, and the payouts for other combinations with fewer correct numbers drop off drastically from there. However, it can be very exciting to have at least two numbers correctly chosen, and it can at least pay for several more tries for the California Super Lotto Plus prize the next time around.

Drawings for the California Super Lotto are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays, so there are two chances to win every week. Winning lotto numbers are announced on television, and you can also check for official number postings on the Cal lotto website.

The California lottery website is another excellent state lottery site with easy, clear instructions covering all the games offered. About %34 of the money generated goes to education. The California lottery offers the choice of cash or annual payouts for winners. The site also has a complete list of television stations where lottery results may be viewed. All the games on the site are linked to easy to understand, clear instructions for each game played. The California lottery easily has one of the most user friendly and best designed sites in the nation.

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4 Comments on “Cal Lotto Numbers

  1. dean h

    calif lotto?
    cal lottery results. can someone tell me why yahoo is three months late on posting winning numbers.i dont get it


      I got the same problem. Just put Ca. Lotto in the search box and you can go to the official Ca. site.

  2. kevin t

    I had a very vivid dream that has really stuck with me. Do any of you have any opinions?
    I have always found dream interpretation facinating. I have often had dreams that seem to come true..I have dreamed scenes that replay in life at times..For instance, I may have a dream and it happens in real life..I can tell what someone may say before it happens based on a dream..An exact duplicate of the time place and circumstance. I have often interrupted people to tell them what they will say..I have never been wrong. The bad thing is, it is nothing like the latest lotto numbers or anything like a World Series or Super Bowl winner. I had a dream last night that disturbed me greatly..I know that is only a dream but I would love someone to try to explain some deeper meaning. I know things can be subjective and I don’t expect some life changeing revalation..Anyway here it goes.

    I am in my living room. My wife and step-son are in the den. My wife on her computer and my son watching TV. Our den is right off the front door to our home. I hear a noise. The noise is that of any earthquake noise. (I grew up in so. Cal. There is a hard to explain sound that earthquakes make. If you have ever been in one you know the noise I am talking about.) The ground is not shaking. My wife calls me to come look at something. She is now standing by our open front door. I step outside the door and in the sky I see a huge white colored UFO. It is moving slowly across the sky but is is gigantic. Whe have a front porch that has a small table with chairs. I am awed and scared at the same time as this UFO moves across the sky. I look at the table and my sons best friend is sitting there with a lap top and what appears to be a stack of computer CDs. He slips one into the laptop and starts typing. I KNOW as he slips the CDs in one after the other that he is in contact with the UFO that is floating over us. I look to him and grab his arm. I say “Ryan, why are you aiding these beings, these beings are here to enslave us” He calmly looks me in the eye and says, “No Kevin, they are here to save us.” I awoke at that point. It was one of those dreams that seemed sooo real. I had a hard time going to back to sleep and was covered in sweat. Does anyone have any ideas for me.

    1. trully

      i think you are having issues with your step son. maybe you feel like the two of you are worlds apart or he is shaking up and invading your life. maybe on some level you are jealous of his relationship with your wife. maybe you feel left behind in the way your family life is going.

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